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Who we are

Welcome to AJS Training Solutions and Consultancy Supporting You, Your Employees and Your business.

AJS Training Solutions Ltd is a Private Training Provider which has been established to put Quality staff back into your sector by ensuring that we deliver quality tailored training to meet the needs and the aspirations of employers and their employees which will therefore meet the needs and requirements for all that are involved in your setting.

We believe in working in partnerships with other training providers to ensure that if we cannot support you for the course you would like then they may be able to.

We are a training provider that works in partnership with others to deliver quality to provide support and training solutions to create better futures for our learners, delegates and employers that we work with, delivering QCF/BTEC awards/certificates/diplomas for Health and Social Care Levels 2, 3, 5 and Leadership and Management Levels 2,3,5 6,7. Team Leading 2, 3, 5 and all mandatory training including coverage of specialist areas. Our partners newest BTEC L2 Award for Dementia Awareness.

Recently we have teamed up with a provider who can offer you ILM Leadership and Management Award Level 5. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have all worked in the care setting and have reached a high level in the industry and now wish to pass this experience onto out learners. It is not just about making our learners futures better but also those that they care for.


There has been a lot of bad press recetnly about carers abusing their patients, this is why we as a training provider aim to rid the care industry of this which is why we are providing quality training in the QCF’s to brighten the future of our leaners and of those in their care.

We also provide Consultancy to the Health and Social Care sector in the form of implementing and carrying out quality assurance audits. We complete independent internal quality assurance to cover appropriate regulations. Consultancy services for new and existing centres. We can assist you get it right.

AJS solutions will help with any training needs that you or your company may have. We are able to focus and ensure that the process is transparent so that the work base competence qualifications are attained.


AJS are a training provider that not only delivers the training but also cares about the learners that they are training making sure that they are happy and confident in the course that they are doing.

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