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What we do for you

AJS training is designed all around the learner, they are the one that is doing the course and we are there for them. AJS staff will have a consultant contact with the learner to make sure that they are able to complete the work that is set for them in away that is accredited for the course. The learner will also be able to contact their assessor or the company itself if they are finding that they are experiencing difficulties on the course or any other matters.


AJS also make sure that they are in contact with the employer so that they are able to be kept informed and updated about the progress of the learner and how they should be applying their new knowledge to the job that they are doing. The employer will also be able to get into contact with the company if they wish and ask themselves about the learner and how they are progressing or if they have any concerns about the way that the learner is progressing or the way that the company are providing the training.


AJS assessors will make sure that they go out and observe the learner in their work place to make sure that they are able to fulfill the criteria for the course, what the assessor observes will also be written up and then this is placed as evidence into the learners portfolio for it then to be accredited at the end of the course itself. The observations that take place will be discussedc between the learner and their assessor and they will agree on a time anf date when the assessor is able to go and observe the learner. The learner is required to hand their folder in from time to time so that the work in the folder is able to be marked and then put towards the learners evidence for the accreditation.