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How we do it

Simple, We Listen!

Through an initial no obligation consultation meeting on a face to face basis, we can give advice and establish the best way forward or if you prefer speak over the telephone.  Do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 319 2011 or via e-mail at info@ajstrainingsolutions.co.uk

By being an independent, affordable and employer-need focused organisation, we are able to support personal, professional, and organisational development.

•Our services and resources reflect the knowledge and experience of our multidiscipline team.

•By having a team of professional trainers, coaches, consultants and assessors who deliver high quality services in all the work they do.

•We develop strong relationships with our staff, employers and learners.

•We are able to tailor training to meet the needs of each learner and employer.

•We are able to sign post employers in accessing available funding through the Workforce Development Strategy, which is available to a range of employers and learners, in order to support personal, professional, and organisational workforce development.

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