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Level 2 diploma in health & social care

Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF)

The level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England (QCF) confirms competence in areas of Health and Social Care where appropriate.

These qualifications:

  • Are nationally recognised
  • Are based on the Health and Social Care National Occupational Standards (NOS). The NOS, assessment principles and qualification structures are owned by Skills for Care and Development

Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England and Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for Wales and Northern Ireland have been approved as components required for the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship Framework.

Who are these qualifications for?

The Level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care is for all learners aged 16 and above who are capable of reaching the required standards.

What are the potential job roles for those working towards these qualifications?

Completion of successful assessment of this qualification confirms competence in these areas for roles such as:

  • care assistants/support workers/key workers in residential settings
  • Healthcare assistants/support workers in community and primary care environments
  • Healthcare assistants/support workers in acute health environments
  • care assistants/support workers/ key workers in domiciliary services
  • care assistants/support workers/ key workers in day services
  • Support workers in supported living projects
  • Community based care assistants/support workers/key workers including those working in specialist areas, e.g. dementia, learning disabilities.
  • Personal assistants employed directly by the individual they support or their families
  • Emerging new types of workers and multidisciplinary health roles crossing traditional service barriers and delivery models

What progression opportunities are available to learners who achieve these qualifications?

It is anticipated that learners will progress to level 3 QCF qualifications for supervisor or team leader roles in Health and Social Care.

How do learners achieve the Level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care?

Each unit within the Diploma has a credit rating. Learners must achieve a minimum of 46 credits to gain the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (Adults) for England.

Learners must take 9 mandatory units. They then have the choice of optional knowledge and competence units covering different areas of health and social care such as support person-centred approaches, advocacy, healthcare, supporting those with disabilities, learning disabilities and dementia.

Learners have the opportunity to take a general qualification in health and social care, or they may follow specialist pathways in Dementia Care of Learning Disabilities.

Select from the following pathways, for further information call us on 0845 319 2111

  • General Pathway
  • Dementia Pathway
  • Learning Disability Pathway

How is the Level 2 Health & Social Care Diploma Assessed?

Assessment will take place via evaluation of work-based performance, producing evidence, witness testimony as well as questioning. Your nominated Diploma assessor will be vocationally competent and qualified. He or she will measure your competence against the relevant standards by way of;

Assessors deliver across a 24 hour shift pattern and across a 7 day week, this is to ensure every person has access to an assessor.

Work base qualifications are wholly delivered on site, at the customer’s premises. This allows for minimal disruption and no time to the employer lost. The assessor is interested in observing the candidate whilst conducting their job role in a real work environment.

This qualification has no need to release candidates on a day release scheme and very little time away from conducting their daily duties. Learners will however be required to produce an individual portfolio, which will require the answering of questions and the production of evidence.

All candidates must undergo an induction to commence the QCF. This can be done within the workplace or outside operating hours.

Each candidate will be allocated a dedicated QCF assessor who will work with them on an individual basis through the qualification, as happens within all companies, guarantee of the same assessor throughout.

Training programme time-frames can vary dependant on employer and candidate availability. Each party will be kept informed of the progress towards achievement.

A portfolio of evidence is produced which will show evidence that you can perform to the level described. Your assessor will assist and support you in assembling your portfolio as well as preparing for assessment.

During the level 2 diploma in Health and Social Care you will also have access to email and telephone and support resources if required.

 How do I enrol for a Health & Social Care Diploma Level 2?

If you have any questions about QCF Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2 (Adults) or are interested in enrolling;

Contact Us  By Calling 0845 319 2111 09:30am – 4:30pm, or via E-mail info@ajstrainingsolutions.co.uk

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Awarding body: Edexcel

Length of award: 6-9 months