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Compliance Consultancy

Consultancy services for new and existing training centres

Does your business need a quality compliance system that meets CQC standards ? We can assist you meet these simply !

AJS Solutions are able to offer advisory or developmental services to doctors surgery’s, dental practice’s and centres looking to improve.

We also, offer a number of services to Training Centres with full consultancy for new centres needing to develop all the systems and procedures required for successful approval by the awarding body. We can also assist you to develop an effective staff team.

Consultancy services available for Adults Health and social care services, including Children’s services, through Independent Quality Assurance Monitoring and Audits in line with NMCS, CQC and OFSTED

By  completing independent Quarterly, Half Yearly or Annual Quality assurance Audits we can deliver  you,  recorded and verbal effective  guidance and support prior to inspection  giving  an independent QA of your service.

AJS Solutions offer consultancy and implement systems  In line with Regulations 26 and 37 of the NMCS and CQC requirements or Children Services 33 and  34 Regulations in line with Ofsted requirements which are now covered under Essential Standard  Outcomes 19, 20 27 and 29.

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